Web Application

Running from the terminal/commandline: midori --help you will notice an option:
-a, --app=ADDRESS Run ADDRESS as a web application

If you want to run a social networking site like say identi.ca, tumblr, twitter, facebook or friendfeed in it's very own window then --app is for you. Along with alltray this can be a way to ensure that your web app is in it's very own separate instance without worrying about web browser crashing or browser theft. That's not to say that running --app mode is more secure but if you create a separate config folder and the website (social networking site) is the only site you visit then the chances are somewhat better.

Creating a Web App
I'm running the GNOME Desktop & I created a launcher/desktop shortcut for the social networking site I use with the following command:
midori -c /home/$USER/.config/midori/app/$SITE --app http://$URL/

$USER = your username
$SITE = the web app site (for instance: daisycha.in)
$URL = the web app url (for instance http://daisycha.in)

Second: midori -c indicates that I want to specify the config folder to use for my settings. I created the folder(s) app & $SITE in /home/$USER/.config/midori

That's it! You can create seperate instance for web apps like the one above for all sorts of websites like zoho docs, forums, social networks & more. But perhaps you want to tweak/refine midori to use a certain User Agent or fonts or allowing popups, etc.. Then visit the User Agent page, or the Terminal Options --help-execute to get more information on doing such customizations.

changed April 3, 2011