User Scripts

User Scripts are scripts applied on some, or on all web pages. They can modify pages locally to add or alter functionality. That includes fixing bugs in web pages. User scripts are also available in other browsers, in the form of Mozilla's Greasemonkey or Opera's User JavaScript.

How to install a User Script
First, you need to find some scripts (or write your own). You can find some at As explained previously, a lot of scripts work, while others do not work.

To install a user script visit the above and install scripts from the individual script pages through the midori drop-down menu.

Note: if the script is only shown as source code on the page, you first have to create a new text file in a text editor, copy the source code into the new file, and save it as my-user-script.js where ”.js” is the extension in the /home/$USER/local/share/midori/scripts

changed April 6, 2011