Mouse Scrolling

Scrolling Issues Go to: Menu --> Tools --> Extensions Enable 'User Addons' if it's not yet enabled.
Create a file named scrollfix.css in /home/$USER/.local/share/midori/styles/scrollfix.css Paste this into the file & save:
* {-webkit-box-shadow: none !important;}

Mouse Gestures
Midori has a Mouse Gestures extension (since git 2009-01-21).

As of 0.2.5 the right button initiates gestures.

You can change the button using a hidden option:

Create a text file ~/.config/midori/extensions/ . Type the following in there: [settings] button=2 For a quick and dirty overview of the gestures in the current release take a look at the preliminary manual. Further information is available at the MGX website. Additionally, there are programs allowing mouse gestures system-wide, for example EasyStroke.

changed April 5, 2011