Keyboard Shortcuts

In extensions enable: shortcuts
Here is how to view and/or edit them to your taste. Open up the "Tools Menu" go down to and click on "Customize Shortcuts." You will get a popup that looks like this:

In the picture you will see an action along with an assigned “shortcut”. Some show an action but are disabled. I will show you how to change a "shortcut" or to enabled one that is disabled. To assign a "shortcut" click on what you would like to change to highlight. Now go to the right and click the mouse where the "shortcut" or word "disabled" is and click. It should change the text to "New accelerator…" Now all you have to do is press a combination of keys you would like to make up your shortcut. Popular choices to start your shortcut with are any of these:

Control, Alt, or either Winkeys

Winkeys will be either "Super L" or "Super R" depending on which you press. Not every keyboard has a "Winkey" or only has just one. I prefer to use the F1 to F12 keys. Here is an example of some shortcuts:

Show/Hide Sidepanel F2
Show/Hide Bookmarkbar F3
Show/Hide Menubar F4
Refresh F5
Preferences F7
Focus Current Tab F9
Full Screen F11
Bookmarks Ctrl+B
Add Bookmarks Ctrl+D
Homepage Ctrl+H
Highlight URLbar Ctrl+L
Close Tab Ctrl+W
Next Tab Ctrl+Page Down
Previous Tab Ctrl+Page Up

Disable Shortcut
If you want to "disable" a shortcut. Pressing Backspace in "New accelarator…" will disable it.

changed April 3, 2011